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Lost my loot because server problems


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So I took  some of my  gear and went  in  customs, had a good run and then time started to run out so my  buddy  and I took off and wanted to exit... BUT, we could not  extract  neither from old gas station or ZB1012. We were on time, but we were both injured and dehydrated. Naturally we  didn't make it from old gas station to another extraction point,  because we spent like 10 minutes wondering around making sure we checked every last corner of the gas station in case we  missed it.

We lost all our brought  in  stuff and all the good stuff we collected during the run.

And it's not the first time I wasn't able to extract, but I got so mad this time I just couldn't let it slip again. Please give me a reasonable explanation why this  happens to me from time to time.

I really like the game  but  c'mon... Hope we resolve this

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Old gas station and zb1012 are only open sometimes. Old gas station will have green flares and zb1012 will have the big spotlight on. If neither of those are true you can't extract there and must go father down towards the silos to zb1011 which is always available to extract.

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