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Raiders and other features idea


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The problem with how easy raiders are to kill I've found a  easy way to solve the pistols and low geared people is to give them visors to prevent any pistol headshots. And when sprayed by smg to the visor they will flee and scream in which they reach a panic mode. And to prevent easy money collecting "even do the keycard thing is coming" they should guard key rooms so hatchets cant gets loot without fighting. I have talked about a raider leader as well before and he dares I say it again be better than the average raider and definitely fully geared. THERE SHOULD NOT BE A SINGLE WAY TO KILL HIM WITH SMG PISTOLS. and well he should be apart of the last wave which should be included 10 raiders splitting up in 2 teams leader in one of them.


Voice lines should be added to for them to say BEHIND THE BOX. HES RUNNING special voice lines for them to say in American mostly since well most of us understand English not Russian.


Interactive extractions should come eventually to all maps. But I think its difficult to figure out what kinda extractions they can add to the maps currently. Maybe even make it so the boat on shoreline only arrive if lighthouse has been activated in which scavs and players will hear the boat alarm if close enough and come to you. Making it a tower defense until the boat arrives.


Raiders should replace players when player slots have not to be filled where they will loot killed players fight boss scavs and extract (They can extract as seen in one of the hangers-on labs they disappear when in extraction either dead or alive) and their main target is to go to all gunshots to get involved. Mostly go to the one that sounds the most dangerous to get the real fights on. Even spawn them in groups for the entertainment. So if factory is missing 1 player replace it with a raider.


Back to the voice lines, I think some raiders should have names of streamers and streamers could be asked to voice them as well with custom voice lines as a special feature :D


Cant wait to see what they do with offline mode. It needs a coop and many features are arriving soon enough. Cant wait to see what happens. Not much else to say but am excited to see what they continue to do. THANKS FOR READING Jesus I went all out.

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