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Modified items descriptions. АКМ (mod)+SUIT


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Weapon. AKM modified by an engineer with an English 4x SUIT rifle scope installed. As a result, a fairly versatile complex was obtained for conducting combat at close and medium range. The SUIT aiming grid allows you to switch from long-range to melee quickly, the installed LCC contributes to the entire high-speed guidance to the target, even with optics installed. Do not expect the accuracy of the sniper rifle, but in general, the accuracy of the fire increased at all distances.

Ammo type: 7,62х39


Weapon power: 200
Misfire: 1%
Max distance: 400 м
Accuracy drop from distance: 0.08
Damage drop from distance: 0.015
Weapon class: Automatic
Weight: 4.2 kg
State: 5000/5000
Dirtying: 0/90

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