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Labs Adjustment


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While labs is great, it by  far made the economy unstable, and made end game tier loot just too common since people make a lot of money or get the end game loot.

The maps is amazing, but to make it more balanced my suggestions are:

1. Make the player pay a certain amount. For example i make around 200-300 k per raid on labs, when running as a naked with a pistol, if the fine for example was 100 k rubles this would make the layer more cautious in labs, thus improving the tactical experience.

2. The second way i can see this issue resolved is by adding a timer for raid, like 20 mins , so people can't spam and farm in labs. This way there will be almost no naked people and they will more likely take better gear to profit the most. This would increase the endgame value of labs and the fact that you can't farm from it constantly.

3. Third option  is to make a keycard to enter labs, for example like a quest. You go to lets say for this example Shoreline Health Resort, you go to room like 214 or something and you find a terra group card. You get it, you survive, now you have the option to put the keycard in the of raid items, thus not being able to access labs, but having it in your quest items allows you to do a raid in labs. This would just make labs and even more so End Game place, making sense that items can't be recovered by insurance and etc.  Oh and if you die, you lose the card, so you gotta go get it again.

This is a minor fix for a major issue in my opinion, cause while it is fun to run with a fort ant altyn, the gear becomes less and less worth due to this.


These are just ideas, and hopefully valid ones


Have a good day, Reader

-James Kennedy

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Labs will not be accessible for a new player right away in the future. It will be via progression. The details are unknown for now however, it will not be same as now so the issue you mentioned will be solved that way. Same goes with the other maps. It is all a progression and in the end, Escaping from Tarkov. 

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This has been discussed already. Labs is open to everyone now, so that players can actually play it and test it. It might be harder to test something if its not accessible to everyone. Balance ideas should be kept for a time when all the content or the majority of content is in the build.

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