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Manual chamber reload

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This thread is made because i was wondering why we have ability to check chamber but that doesnt give us anything in gameplay. My suggestion is to make chamber reload manually without option to choose because everybody would run with automatic and also i was thinking about connecting chamber check with chamber reload like you pull slide half way to see if there is bullet and after you see its empty you pull that slide all the way and gun is ready to shoot.

P.S. Chamber is bugged. When you spawn, chamber is empty and you need to change weapons or swing with your melee weapon.

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Hello sir,

chamber load is planned.

Please report that bug you found to our support center through the game launcher, our specialists will look into it.

You can see the instruction how to submit a report in the topic that I am sharing below:

Thank you for every report!

Since the topic was answered, I am locking it.


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