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Some new WIP materials


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5 minutes ago, Detector said:

Oh, my. Is that.. an ammunition feeding backpack? Modular chest rigs look awesome, too!

Yup its the Scorpion 550 rounder for the PKP loooool!

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Ok so,
FN P90 (couldn't find exact suppressor) 
M18 Smoke Grenade
LSHZ-2DTM "Volcano" Helmet
Looks like an updated model for the 6SH112 
Scorpion ammunition storage/belt feed backpack
The next vest has an uncanny resemblance to the Alpha, not exactly sure as to what it is
Magpul Pro 700 Stock (Remington 700 tacticool folding stock)
KS-23 4 Gauge pump shotgun
SPHERE Wireless Exploration Device

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I don't know to much about modelling in 3dsmax and I'm hoping someone from the dev team could answer this little question I had.

So the last few Submachine gun models that Battlestate has teased (The Vector, Mp7 and now the P-90) all were first shown with suppressors on the untextured models and I'm kinda curious as to why. Is there a story there or am I just being crazy? I love the models don't get me wrong but why always include the suppressor instead of showing the base model gun?

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