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Future graphics for Escape from Tarkov


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Hey there developers,

                  I'm impressed with the game so far in terms of the ideas you guys have brought to the game. I was wondering if you guys saw what unity put out on January 16, 2018 where they showed the Book of the Dead teaser. I was really impressed with what they did on unity and was wondering if you guys are inspired by it. Is this your graphical target for the game? What should we expect in terms of graphics on what you guys would want to improve and how pretty would you guys want to make the game look, because it would be really nice if you guys ended up with graphics like the one mentioned. At the moment of posting this the models for the guns and their parts look amazing but everything else just doesn't compare, the lighting is really off and so is the anti aliasing in game. My last question is in regards to the gun play. Do you guys feel satisfied with the current functionality or are there plans to change it to make it less clunky? I know that you guys don't want to make it like normal shooters but in my opinion i think that the gun movements should change a little to feel more responsive when moving from side to side like they have done for rainbow six siege where when you look in a direction you feel the guns movement so it feels like it has weight. What do you guys feel about this?


the puppy picture is just a bonus for you guys :)


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