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Can we not have Scavs spawning right on top of you during raids?


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So I was playing on customs with a friend and we've had a horribly rough patch of Tarkov with high level players and their gear just bullying us around or enemy scavs both player and AI one tapping us due to lack of equipment. I'm nearly level 11 and he's roughly half way through level 9. We're both very experienced with shooters and know our thing for those interested.

With this raid, we're on point, we're clearing buildings like champs. Killing random scavs that were ahead of us with one shots and looting with quick efficiency. Now we're at the Gas station, and I've just taken one guy down. The only other persons who are with us (and breathing), is my friend and the scav that had decided to hide behind the fuel truck. So with both threats taken care of and no one in sight I decided to loot my fresh kill in hopes of getting a decent score.

But it seems in this game, if you're having too much fun, it has to stop as I was immediately killed by a player scav who clearly just spawned in right bloody next to me! 

Now you could view this as just bad luck but this to me is a bad game design that needs to be looked at. If it were the other way round, That guy who killed me would have himself been instantly killed by myself or my friend (which he was while he attempted to loot my body) when spawning in and no time to react. 

This game is alot of fun and while I have some issues regarding the leveling abilities of new players or lower level players I'm content with how things are run mostly. 

But this issue has Pissed me off a bit as It just feels like a cheap cheat death rather than something that is my fault or something my opponent actually worked for. 

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Kind of a Necro but dude...this is still happening, and its funny cause it happened in the same spot.

Running solo PMC on customs and i just killed a 2 man, ive got mid tier gear, and they are both JUICY, I scan the area for another 1-2 minutes just to be sure no scavs or PMC's were near, nothing. Its the last 11 minutes of the raid so i swoop in after dropping my backpack ina bush to be quicker, the moment i lay down on the body and press search i hear a bunch of gun cocks and 3 PLAYER SCAVS come running around the front of the gas station and just light me UP.

Its just lazy design. They work on solving the spawn problems as much as the hacking problems so i wouldnt expect anything to change in the next 2 years.

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I also had this happen on Customs. I killed two scavs at the intersection to the bridge on dorms side and when i started looting one another Spawned 10 ft from me and started shooting me Naturally he killed me. This is very piss poor game mechanics. How are they gonna ask 140$ for there special edition when they have so many issues between this and Desync and all the rest?

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Had a similar issue on Customs, looted the room on the bottom floor of fortress, leave the room look left all clear, turn right and a scav promptly spawns behind me shouts and shoots me in the back..... its stupid and bad game design.

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