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Money Stacking- Possible Suggestion

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So something I've noticed after a few days on the flea market.
Money sometimes stacks automatically but sometimes doesn't, and it does seem to be because of a change in stack value when it doesn't.
After some time doing a lot of back and forth trading the menus really bog down.

This leads me to believe with my very limited knowledge that a stack has a unique ref/val and whenever you add a "fresh" stack onto a "refreshed" stack it changes that ref/val to the fresh stacks'. 
This would eventually make for a huge increase in calls being made to fetch these references which could bog down the pipeline.

Thus, this really is a suggestion as far as maybe look into it with your more higher knowledge of your systems, I would've tried reading the memory to confirm some of this but I don't wanna risk a potential ban, but would love any knowledge bombs to improve my understanding of all this.

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