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10 Million Rouble Lottery/Giveaway 2/8/19

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It's that time again folks. I am giving away another 10 million roubles in this weeks lottery/giveaway. It's my way of giving back to the community. Thanks again guys and gals!


Pick a number between 1-100

You can only have one guess but you can edit it at any time before the expiration time (5 pm PST)

If two people have the same guess, the person that guessed first wins.

Closest guess by expiration time wins.

(When or if you win, just put up a flea market sale for any item for exactly 11,450,088 roubles and I will buy it. You will then receive 10 million exactly.)


Good luck everyone!

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Congratulations to xylr, he guessed 46 and the number was 45. Xylr, please pm your in game name and put a flea market sale up for 11,450,088 exactly and I will buy it. Thanks again everyone and good luck next week!

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