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Looking For A Group

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Afternoon All,

Not the greatest at this game, but I am starting to burn out on solo runs. Looking for a group of casual gamers to run with mostly play weekends and when work allows during the week. US Server.

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Hi, welcome to Tarkov! We're mostly UK/EU based but we do have some regular US members and we're all friendly, fair and cooperative gamers so you're welcome to come check us out at BSB Network. We have about 30  or so guys regularly playing Tarkov at the moment with at least two-three raid groups on every night (and daytimes too). We mix groups between new and experienced players to try and help new players, to distribute a bit of loot and to help with quests. 


Check us out, just hop on our Discord anytime and jump right in. Details of our website and discord are in my signature

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WE ARE NOT A CLAN! Just a bunch of friendly guys who get together to play daily.

We have approx 80 players from UK / EU and US. We have a mixed skill level, from people who have just purchased the game, to hardened veterans who have been around since Alpha release. In general we have people playing every day / night and you're more than welcome to join in.

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