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When will the next Wipe be and will there be ongoing Wipes whit the 1.0?


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I basicly just want to know when Wipes will occour and will there be Frequent Wipes after the full release?

For me i dont want to keep grinding for stuff when i know in 2 Months it will all be gone. For me it defeats the purpouse.

Im not a try harder or play the game for 5 Hours a Day so getting the good stuff is taking me some time.

Im in no means a horder of Items but i dont want to waste Hours and Hours trying to grind for a Goshan key when its all for nothing.

I know Wipes are important in the current Development Stage but having a rought time estimate would be nice.
Also of course the Question is will we still experience Wipes once the Game is in a full Release? Id hope not...

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Hello sir,

first, we do not have information when will the next wipe be carried out, if we will have such information we will post it, so please keep an eye on our announcements!

Second, wipes will be abolished by the release of the game.

I hope I answered all your questions.

Since the topic was answered, I am locking it.


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