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Make the Kedrs pistol grip purchasable from a IG vendor

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Recently i've been stashing a bunch of PP-91 Kedr 9x18PM SMGs but before i do that i usually take its mag off and pistol grip and sell them to save inventory space as you do, and i noticed i wanted to use my kedrs since i didn't feel like bringing out my regular equipment since i was on a lose streak. When i went to set up my loadout i noticed that you cannot buy the kedr pistol grips from any IG vendors (I have all vendors to level 4 besides peacemaker since i can't be bothered to his quest line).

I'm guessing it was just an oversight from BSG since it wouldn't make sense for Prapor to not sell it at level 2 or level 3 or the same for Skier. Maybe it's locked behind a quest i don't know about since this is my first wipe and i haven't done all the quest lines since i got the majority complete but even on the tarkov gamepedia it doesn't say anything about which vendor has it and i can't find any info about the vendors selling it or it appearing on the flea market so i feel like it's safe to assume it ain't for sale from any IG vendors.

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