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Enhanced Movement/Interaction Mechanics


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Hi all,

As far as I'm aware the movement system is already  undergoing some changes, including a vaulting mechanic which should help us traverse terrain much more smoothly! However, I have a couple suggestions of my own, which I believe would give us greater control over our PMCs and create a more natural/organic feeling whilst moving around the game world (as well as how others are perceived!). Apologies if many of these are already planned/confirmed, I tend to miss a lot of news due to being busy playing the game!


1.) Link actions like prone/stand, crawl, ADS, check mag, looting, check inventory, change fire mode, traverse up/down terrain/ledges, open doors and the associated sound/volume levels to movement speed. This will allow us to

  • Go between stances and interactions at a much slower, but quieter manner
  • Make movement more deliberate and controlled, rather than have our PMC throw themselves around recklessly when we're trying to sneak

2.) Greatly restrict X-axis turn speed whilst sprinting, this will make it extremely difficult for players to abuse the lack of momentum in-game

3.) Introduce a speed-up / slow-down whilst sprinting. What I mean by this, is not have our PMC go from 0-60mph instantly, as well as have them slow down back to walking pace once finished sprinting. Letting go of 'W' completely will result in an abrupt stop, causing a 'slide' and corresponding noise (already in-game)

4.) Have prone/stand affect stamina, to reduce the effectiveness of 'prone spam'

5.) Introduce a left/right roll ability whilst prone (unable to perform with backpack equipped)



Scavs (AI)

Introduce different states;

  • Relaxed - smoking, sitting, group talking around fire barrel etc
  • Patrol - these Scavs are on patrol as per their patrol schedule, weapons in low ready, maybe drinking/smoking also
  • Alert - these guys know there's a USEC scumbag in the area and are looking for them

It's super immersion breaking that the Scavs are all patrolling with their weapons shouldered, I feel it would be good for both gameplay and general atmosphere of the game to have more natural Scavs!


Thanks for your time, again I'm sure a lot of these have been mentioned, just not in the first few pages of the Search Function (there is one topic which contains some movement ideas, but is more generalised from December 2017).


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So much this!

We also need a step over action. i.e. in shoreline i ran into a room to evade a nade and my adversaries didn't know i was there (they killed my teammates) but i was stuck behind a bed and the only way to get out was to jump. obviously this made a crap load of noise alerting the others to my presence and thus losing what advantage i had.

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