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Insurance failures


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Hi Guys,


I'm just making this post to see if anyone else is noticing an insurance problem im witnessing with prapor. I've been hiding gear for myself and my buddy's aswell as purposely hiding really small insured items. It's been 3 days almost and still no sign of any of the gear. Not a single piece. 

I understand gear can be picked up by player scavs that spawn later on in the game and also I could have poor placements. I've done a 'shotgun' effect and thrown small pieces about in random hidden spots and still it's overpasses the 24-38 hours that prapor promises for the gear.

is this a known bug / issue or am I only experiencing this. I don't insure with therapist as she's over priced and I'm not in a rush for gear to be handed back. I'm level 57 and understand the game mechanics and have only recently been noticing this. I've been playing for almost 2 years just so people try giving me tips. Just wanting to know if you have the same issue or heard of anything.

Cheers for reading.

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Well I’ve experienced very few issues with getting gear back, there has only been one instance where i know prapor failed and that was a time where i failed to extract by 1.6 seconds.

Other than that all I know is that you cant get back insured items lost on labs.

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