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Emissary from China


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Hello guys!

I'm DarKdeZ, many people just call me D instead. I'm so glad and honored to be a part of emissaries team, working with you amazing people. With my love on this game, I'm truly thankful to have the opportunity to share exciting news with other players in my country. 

Currently I live in America, so English is familiar for me. Therefore, now I mainly focus on translating English informations and news about EFT into Chinese. I have been a freelance translator for a period of time, so I'm a little bit confident and love to do this.

Usually I use my spare time to play games (why I mention this lol), read books and translate articles (I really like to translate!). I also have a fever on learning languages, I'm learning German at the moment, and I'm pretty sure that I will keep learning it to a higher level. Also I will be learning Latin and maybe also Spanish next year. My dream is to communicate with emissaries from all countries freely! (*^▽^*)

As a newbie in this team, I may make lots of mistakes. If I do anything wrong, please please give me some advices! 

Escape safely (Losing legs is OK),











Hallo, Meine ID ist DarKdeZ. Ich komme aus China, und ich freue mich, hier zu sein! Ich lerne jetzt Deutsch und finde es sehr interessant. Mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut, aber es wird immer besser~



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