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Not sure about the system req's


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I have read the minimal requirements and imo it should run, but considering i have a laptop i am still not sure.

My components,

- Intel i7 3630QM 2.4 ghz

- 8gb of RAM

- Nvidia GT650m 2gb

i am gonna buy a new pc in the summer which will surely run this but if my laptop would be able to run it that'd be great so i can start playing.

I hope anyone can help me.

thank you!

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ah nice okay, it wont be for long anyway gonna buy a pc with a lovely r9 390 and i5 so that'll the deal probably on maxed out graphics :D

thank you for your reply

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@lennaerd053 i have almost the same setup exept VC. I have GT 640 LE. That means I have the same 'problem' as you have.

One guy from developels team said that the game has quite good optimization, he said it in the one of Russian interviews, couple of weeks ago. He told that they have 120 fps at the non-top setups. I've asked him a few minutes ago what hardware they mean like 'non-top' and what graphics settings for such huge fps. I let you know if he give me an answer)

We have a litte bit more information at Russian speaking forum)


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