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Jump Spots Series Guide


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Hi all, I recently started a YT channel in which I will upload video guides for the game. I'm making an effort to be as much to-the-point as possible and only show the good stuff. Full english commentary with a little joke here and there. The series I'm working on right now is called Jump Spots. In this series we'll go over all the best spots you can reach to give yourself the tactical edge, a big line of sight and be unpredictable for the enemy. So far I have covered the entirety of the Customs map, and recently uploaded the first part of the Interchange map, which will cover the outdoor area. I'm working on part 2 right now, which will take us indoors. More different future content on the way. Hope you find this interesting/helpful! Thank you!


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19 hours ago, Disco-jo said:

Awesome video dude ! Looking forward to seeing some more cool tips :) Subbed


Thank you very much!! Just uploaded a short video with some co-op shenanigans on Factory! Part 2 of the Interchange jump spots will be uploaded soon tm!

17 hours ago, CryoBurn said:

Nice vid bro, keep it up


17 hours ago, v3n0mou5 said:

@ 1:02 what scope is that?

The new Valday scope!

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