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NIKILEAKS Q&A: 2/22/2019

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On 2/27/2019 at 8:50 PM, KimiFelipe said:

I am already an EFT player, but I still expect OBT. OBT is a good opportunity for more people to experience this game. Is this coming soon? Same or after 0.12?

Each patch gets us closer to OBT but we are not there yet. 


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Easter is coming so don't wait 0.12 Until late autumn or Winter :D  i think 1.0 will be ready in 2022. Every official Holiday with Vodka makes dev. process very slow :D + when you are lazy :D Nikita quote"face it we are lazy"; Idnk what to play all most of the new games suck... 


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On 2/25/2019 at 12:32 AM, FireFistAceGR said:

And as it was spoken before like alpha or on the release of the beta offline it wasnt meant to be for ever as it is to help devs and Nikkita to find out bugs from other players reporting to them 

I hope they will let the offlinemodus in the game, it is a great help for new players. At the first moments i bought the game i better could be an online plumber as i putted more lead in the walls behind my targets than in the enemy's head. while doing every day a couple of offline runs i got better in combat and learning the maps. without offline modus people may quit early because of the hard learningcurve.

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i have a question thats been haunting me even at my work : is there a aproximate date for the hideout update?

and are the rumors true that after that update the whipes will stop?

ive installed the game again and i am literally checking it on a daily to see if it has dropped yet.

i also want to give my opinion about the whipes, i dont have that much time because of my work so i basically never get to fully enjoy the game, however i am still in love with this game.


a huge gun nut.

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