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1 bullet dissapear after raid


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The bullet wich is in the chamber of the gun dissapears after you’ve done a raid succesfully. 

The mag always says like 19/20 but when I inspect the gun there is no bullet in the chamber.


Where do these bullets magically go?

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That is the SKS, and it's part of it's "action". You will find the same thing happening with the Mosin.
The game never counts the chambered round.

The only way to have an SKS with the full 19+1 capacity is to put that round in before raid. While in raid you'll be subject to the "normal/fast" reload mechanism which does expel a chambered round to load a new mag which becomes 19+1.

As such the chambering action of the SKS and Mosin when reloading will expel the chambered round to reload a new mag (SKS) or access the internal mag to reload (Mosin).

Take any AK in comparison. You have an empty gun in inventory, you place a magazine on it (30 rounds), and go into a raid. First action (involuntary) is for the player to cock the action and chamber a bullet. Game will say you have 29 rounds available (29+1). You can actually inspect that AK and unchamber that round if you want.

Anyway, if you don't but then reload to a different magazine with 30 rounds, game will tell you 30 rounds available (30+1). Same thing if you dragged a single bullet to the chamber before raiding together with a full magazine. (30+1) (or 60+1, whatever)

I'm not really a weapons guy, but this does make sense once you understand that with the AK platform (and most/all other weapon platforms in EFT) you can have a single round remain chambered while removing the magazine, while some others won't allow for that without "forcing" the action manually, which won't be something you'd want to spend time with in a live environment...

Take a look at the ground next time you reload 1 bullet spent from the Mosin, it costs 2, and one of them will be rolling around on the ground :-D... although with other guns the PMC can catch the expended round from chamber, a really cool animation most might never even see.. Attention to detail.


This became way too long, and I'm sure someone could've said this in like 2 paragraphs.

(Let me try)

TLDR: Mosin and SKS expels chambered round when reloading while most other platforms do not.

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Damn mate that's a lot of interesting information, thanks for that!

I did notice a round flying away from the gun and thought hmm that's a bit strange, but thought it would just be the casing..

But it makes all the sense now, better make a long story with good information then a short one with bad (:

( also is that bullet catching a skill or a button you'll have to tap? I remember seeing it in 2017 or something )



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You're welcome mate. :usmile:

The bullet catching is something everyone can do, even scavs. Just drag a chambered bullet into inventory (from inspect) and close inventory and you'll get the animation (and bullet).

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