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LFG: some people to casually play duos/trios


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USA - located in Mountain time zone - I play in the evening, usually.

I've been playing on/off for almost a year, and would like to start playing some duos/trios with other new-ish people.

I'm not looking to do any hardcore schedules or chain-of-commands, just some other half-decent people that can pay attention to their surroundings and don't want to always do solo runs, as I have been.

I have a Discord channel and would be happy to join others if that works too.

Discord channel: https://discord.gg/wSysVN

Discord username: GearingMass#1092

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6 hours ago, ninabadgurl said:

if you are online now until 10am i would love to play

Sorry I missed you - I don't regularly check the forum. I added you on Discord.

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I am looking for anyone to play alongside! 
I also have discord, skype and steam along with team speak and open to other forms of voice comms. :mortar_board:
EFT username: krisxzk9:US: 🌉

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