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My Fix to The Mosin issue

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So I've been hearing multiple debates on the Mosin Nagant and how it is perceived  as "OP" and I had a conversation with a friend and we came to the conclusion that the best solution is to just switch the beginning ammo you start with at lvl 1 trader. So the solution is replace the LPS GZH with 7N1 Sniper cartridge and reduce the penetration damage of 7N1 by 11 pen damage and LPS GZH will be a lvl 3 Prapor item. This would make the Mosin not as universal as it was before but it will still put it in line with other weapons at lvl 1 traders, thus making the Mosin start with a high flesh damage round but low pen therefore making the Mosin a fair ground weapon so there is counter play. Finally this would not have the Mosin not be a Trade or Scav only weapon. 

This is my fix to the issue please comment and let me know what you think about this possible fix. 


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Locking out "OP" ammo for lower level players is a good way to turn away new players.

What hope do late to the party players like myself have if there's nothing available to me to take down the fully kitted players?  I'm already grinding it out with endless factory and Scav runs, trying to loot what little I can to save up cash and buy better gear.  Even then, most of my traders are at lvl1, with only Peacekeeper at lvl2, so the gear I do have at my disposal is "underpowered" when compared to most of the veterans I encounter.

Add to that that I can only play properly over the weekend due to my job and manage to squeeze maybe a few hours during the week, if any.  And when I can sit down and play properly, most of the big dogs are on the servers, fully kitted and ready to go.  Both the quest and PVP way of leveling up lingers around the same issue here, I am woefully and hilariously undergeared and underpowered in every engagement.

The upside is that I'm learning as I go through it, which is as fun as it is frustrating.  Further handicapping me would make things ever harder for people like me and most likely detrimental to the growth of the game population.

Now, you can give me the "skill this, skill that" speech, I've heard it from just about every EFT streamer whose videos I've watched while learning the ropes of this game.  But I've faced players who are even lower down the pecking order from where I am (which ain't that high) and I've seen the advantage of being even slightly better equipped.

Skill comes with time, those who are willing to learn will.  But as far as EFT goes, gear matters.  Armor, helmets, weapons, ammo, all of it.  Further limiting lower level players just to "even" the playing field would make the learning curve even steeper and turn away new players which is hardly in the interest of EFT.

I'm willing to suck it up and be the little dog in a fight, I'm sure you can suffer through a few LPS GZH to the knee runs yourself.

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