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Streets of Tarkov and Labs, Ideas for Raid within a Raid


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For those may not have heard, the Labs maps will eventually be accessible only from within the Streets of Tarkov map. This means players will need to make a “two part” raid. 
This raid within a raid idea, got me thinking:

  • How could EFT set up a situation where a team of players would want one or two teammates to stay in the Streets of Tarkov map and provide cover to a Labs entrance/exit, while another set of teammates goes into Labs? 

One of those situations where the teammates, before loading into Labs, tells the others, “Okay, we’re going in. We’ll try to exit from one of the elevators. We’ll radio when we approach for extract. If you don’t hear from us in 35 minutes, that means we’ve been killed.”
At this point, the “stay behind” team would position themselves on Streets of Tarkov to overwatch near the locations where the elevator extractions feed into. 
How might this be accomplished? Here are some thoughts…

1. Link the server instances together

When a player exits Streets of Tarkov and enters into Labs, this new server instance for Labs will then become shared by every other player who is joining from the previous Streets of Tarkov server instance. So let’s say there are 12 PMC’s playing on Streets of Tarkov. Two players make it to a Labs entrance, and enter into Labs. Ten minutes later, another squad of two players that was on the same Streets of Tarkov instance, also makes it to a Labs entrance. Whenever that squad enters into Labs, they will enter onto the same Labs instance that the previous two players entered into. This will create a sort of staggered spawn situation where another PMC team could already be moving through Labs. 
Perhaps each squads gets its own ~40 minute timer upon entering Labs? For those squadmates who stayed behind in Streets of Tarkov, perhaps they too get an additional 50 minutes added to their timer?

2. Labs entrance locations on Streets of Tarkov correspond to spawn points within Labs

Similar to how players could previously choose their spawn points using Maps, what if a team could choose to enter into Labs from the sewer by entering at a specific location on Streets of Tarkov? This could provide further incentive to have a “stay behind” team on Streets of Tarkov to scout out the different entrance locations and let the Labs team know what’s going on through radios (once they get added). 
“Labs crew, be advised, we see two PMC’s approaching the stairwell. You might have company coming from that direction, over” \*cshh\*

3a. Teammates in Labs can provide situation reports

Picture this scenario… 

  • The first Labs strike team enters through the sewers, the fallback team starts moving through Streets of Tarkov to provide overwatch. 
  • Not too long after the first team entered, they hear on their radios, “Guys, I had to back out, it was too hot in there! We lost Rob and Herbert…”
  • Stayback team: “Okay, hang tight. We’ll come back to you, we’ve got meds. Once we get you stabilized, we’ll set you up in a window to provide cover and we’ll try to go into Labs to recover their gear. We’ll try to make it quick.”

Same as before, once the “new” team enters into Labs, they’ll get a fresh 40 min timer on the same Labs instance while the one guy that stayed back in Streets of Tarkov gets another ~50 minutes tacked on to his raid instance.
This same type of information sharing could be used in other ways too. 

  • Labs team: “We’re taking heavy fire from the NW, could you guys come in near that entrance?”
  • Streets of Tarkov Team: “Roger that, heading that way… [several minutes later] Okay we’re in position, coming into Labs now…”
  • From there, they coordinate their attacks in Labs from different angles.


3b. Radio signals between Streets of Tarkov and Labs are “lost” within certain areas of the Labs map

What if certain high value areas on Labs distorts or loses radio communication to the Streets of Tarkov team? 

  • Streets of Tarkov team: “Labs crew, you’re breaking up, repeat last…” 
  • Labs team: \*static\* with bits of words coming through
  • Streets of Tarkov team: “Hmm… They must be near the dome area right now…”

4. Extract from Labs, also need to extract from Streets of Tarkov

This may already be implied by what Nikita was saying, but if not, this could really bring the whole dynamic together. If you go into Labs as a full five man, what’s the best way to get out? Should you all risk using the same extraction point, leading to the same place on Streets of Tarkov? Or do you split up? Also, if you did *NOT* choose to have someone stay back to cover your exit, how do you know it’s clear? What if an enemy squad on Streets of Tarkov is watching that Labs exit route? If you split up your escapes, maybe at least one of your groups will make it out successfully?

5. Radios can be stolen from downed players

Say you're the Labs team that just extracted and you're trying to radio your cover team that stayed behind on Streets of Tarkov. 

  • Labs team: "Okay, we're out! We're approaching the street corner. Is it clear?"
  • Streets of Tarkov team: <silence>
  • Labs team: "Guys, are you there? Do you copy?"

At this point the labs team is worried that either the stay behind team got overrun and/or another team is currently listening in to their radio traffic and now knows where they are.

Or another situation, though it likely won't play out very well since people can "cheat" with other voice comm software like Discord... Let's say another squad has "captured" the Labs team and is leading them to an exit by gunpoint. Once they surface, they "force" the Labs team to tell them where the stayback team is overwatching from and has them radio the all clear to their teammates. Same could take place from the other side with the stayback team as hostage.


There are probably many more dynamics something like could introduce. Expanding this "raid within a raid" idea further may introduce some really neat and interesting gameplay situations within EFT. 

Thoughts? Improvements?

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Addition to 3b, now that I'm passed the "edit window":


The same situation can work in reverse too. If the Streets cover team radios in to let the Labs team know they're being overrun, to NOT come out of a certain Labs exit point... The Labs team is left wondering, "Uh oh, that didn't sound good. I think I heard him say tunnel. Does that mean we should extract from tunnel or were they trying to warn us that another squad is entering in through tunnel?"


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There was some discussion concerning radios on the subreddit topic. Thought I'd share some if it here for the sake of discussion.

There are probably much better links to demonstrate the power of proximity chat and radios, but here's one that came up with a quick Youtube search (timestamped at 8:38):

Notice how it starts out with proximity chat, then when he gets out of earshot, it goes to shortrange radio. Notice too how when he finally gets to shore and tries to get in touch with his teammates, the radio silence makes him feel uneasy and unsure of what may have happened on their end while they were separated.

This added sense of uncertainty is AMAZING!

We take for granted just how prevalent it is to hear a barrage of gunfire and have our teammate say over Discord, "Aww crap, I'm down, they got me. They were over by the cash registers. There may be more than one..."

Imagine that same situation except *NOT* hearing any further comms from your downed teammate. You hear a ton of direct gunfire, close to your squad's position. "Hey Rob, you okay? ... Rob? ... ROB!? Are you alive or what, talk to us man!"

The kicker being that this whole time your voice would be heard by nearby enemies through proximity chat. So the more you panic and yell, the more you're at risk for giving away your position too.

The amount of depth and immersion this adds to the experience simply cannot be stressed enough :)

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For the devs, just so I'm clear... This extra talk about radios and communication is not really what this idea is about.

All this idea is seeking to do is have the Labs server instance only accessible to the same players who are in the initial Streets of Tarkov instance. For those who make it to a Labs entrance, they would leave the Streets server, join the Labs server, and the Streets server would be kept alive. And then, if the Labs players are able to extract, they then re-join the same Streets of Tarkov instance they were part of earlier.

Two separate server instances, with players leaving and joining between them "mid raid".

The purpose of this would be to allow for a sense of continuity as players move between maps.

Once all players have either been killed or ran out of time, both servers would be ended, ready to be used for something else.

Thank you for reading :)

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1 hour ago, Tr4wnet said:

Why did you create two exactly same posts?

This one is specifically for the devs, the other is for general discussion among the wider community.

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9 minutes ago, Spectator6 said:

This one is specifically for the devs, the other is for general discussion among the wider community.

I wanted to say that you're trying a bit too hard with this topic, but then I realised you got way more community rep. so I guess a lot of ppl agree with your posts so I decided to not to do so.

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Just now, Tr4wnet said:

I wanted to say that you're trying a bit too hard with this topic, but then I realised you got way more community rep. so I guess a lot of ppl agree with your posts so I decided to not to do so.

No worries @Tr4wnet! On larger topics that have lots of discussion, I've always created separate threads to make it easier on the devs. If you want to continue this discussion, let's either move to the other thread or pick it up in private messages so we don't pollute this one. 

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I advise you to delete the other post, as the mods most likely are going to lock one or the other anyways for reposting.

All in all, good read! But the main concern is the availability of third party VOIP software like discord, teamspeak , etc, which is bound to "spoil" the narrative aspect of the whole ordeal.

In the future, maybe there are specific keycards for specific entrances within labs, and also it's much easier to just make the raid time 1hr 30mins or 2hrs for the entire raid which i'm sure they've already considered about as it's, much easier and cleaner to implement instead of giving the squad that enters the streets of Tarkov an additional bonus on their extract timer.

The devs also mentioned about the raid "stacking" feature. Hopefully they can contact the devs in GGG to take notes from them?  They surely would be happy to help out devs with an unique project such as EFT which adds a spicy element to the RPG world. They've really nailed the daily quests and special instances and random encounters aspect of the game. To any devs/support personnel who might stumble upon my reply, their website is linked below


https://www.pathofexile.com/game (Their puppy/game)

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