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death to a possible hacker


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greetings, i wasnt sure where to post this so i took the most obvious one to my understanding.

ok so i was doing a scav run and started walking and looting, i walked for 50 meters just to die by nothing,

at the death menu it said that i had suffered damage to my head and ears by a guy named dale_ 


any idea how this could have hapened and i would gladly read it ❤️

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It could just be that they used a silenced rifle from far away or something, or that there was an audio bug that prevented you from hearing a shot. 

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7 hours ago, dionvdvelde said:

There was only one way he could kill me and that was at my 12 and 6 o clock

I only got a C in maths but pretty sure that is two ways? :D

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