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Modified items descriptions. Body Armor Black BA + Shockproof Set


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PB Armor proved to be a functional analogue of the 6B5 body armor, but lesser weight. It was called “black”, for its appearance. Protective knots created by fabric structures, titanium, ceramics and steel. The bulletproof vest can effectively deal with automatic and pistol ammunition, as well as striking fragmentation elements. The layout and dimensions allow it to use as a concealed vest.

The body armor is supplemented with a shockproof set: combat pants with Kevlar inserts, a set of knee pads and elbow pads, as well as assault gloves, boots and an ABS plastic helmet, which is a complete copy of the original IBH combat helmet.


Is repairable
Repair rank: 2
Pistol resist: 55%
Auto resist: 40%
Sniper resist: 25%
Fugas resist: 50%
Shotgun resist: 5%
Physical resist: 35%
Weight: 5.4 kg
State: 1800/1800

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