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Fov on scopes and red dots. Along with some found bugs.

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So going through most of the weapons with each scope i noticed a few issues/opinions:
-Most scopes past 4x are extremely slow to move. Not that you should be flinging it around but its borderline useless when its moving 3ft in game left or right with my entire mouse pad. Extremely hard to even follow a target.
-Most 1x-4x dont have a true 1x zoom to them. Meaning there is zoom added to something that is suppose to work as a red dot, then into a variable scope. (should work just as the hhs-1, though zoom is added again to the red dot not making it a 1x sight..)
-This also happens to red dots when the entire screen is zoomed in, i have been told its to simulate the effect of IRL aiming. (This doesn't make sense because if you just made it how it looks irl you would gain the same effect, which really is just tunnel vision.) Along with this on red dots, the zooming also sacrifices much of the peripheral view around the character. This makes the reason of gaining a wide field of view by using  a red dot  redundant since it turns it into a roughly 2.5x taking away most peripheral vision. Having a wide peripheral is why red dots are so popular along with the easy aiming.
-Again, this happens even on the variable scopes where the whole screen zooms into the scope, while the scope is zoomed in. Making whatever zoom it has increased. This makes some awkward face placements on rifles. Such as the M1a socom, where your face is going through the stock, rear sight, and almost inside the action of the rifle. This happens on many rifles.
-Some scopes will clip into top rail lasers, such as the peq, when zoomed in or around 4x. Some of the rubber eye cups on some scopes also clip such as the NSPU-M and the PSO scopes.
-The most annoying problem for me is eye relief on a scope. As mentioned with the zooming, i feel its distant from actual aiming of sights on firearms. The lack of being able to adjust stocks, that are adjustable, and the seemingly random cheek placement makes only a few scopes bearable to use in combat within the game.
-Zeroing adjustments seem to ignore the height over bore. Another thing i find strange its all weapons can be zeroed at 50-100-150-200, 25 for some sights,  but it doesn't really mention if that is in yards or meters. Though there are large differences from Russian and U.S. measurement systems and zeroing practices. (Could of missed what measurement it is but just seems arbitrary without any denotation of measurement.)

My suggestions/preferences:
-Having the option to set a eye relief towards or away from a scope. Helping with potential eye relief issues since there are so many rifles to work with and an equal amount of scopes/rds. This would be crucial to sniper rifles since each rifle has a different zoom added to them along with how long or short the stock could be.
-Being able to adjust stocks can also work with the previous mention of eye relief. This could also be used to shorten or lengthen guns a bit if a player would be going from a long range to close quarters, adding a bit of dynamic to the game.
-Being able to place a sight to manually on certain rails. I feel this could be a bit harder to accomplish but this could potentially fix many of these issues.
-Removal of zoom added to scopes/rds. If it is a slight zoom, such as akm irons, this is fine since implies your are adjusting your face to see sights properly. 

I do understand every rifle is different, the placement of sights also dependent on the attachments and position. Im just trying to figure out a more natural and realistic approach of sight alignment compared to IRL. What do you guys think? Any other ideas for aiming?

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