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Trader bugfix

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Going into traders with a mount or whichever with attached items, removing the attachment won't change the price shown on the mount. 
ex. Open Mechanic with a sprut full of Klesh tactical mods, remove all the mods and the sprut will still show the price if it had the attachments still on. Doesn't sell for that amount though.

2019-04-16[14-49] (0).png

2019-04-16[14-49] (1).png

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I can confirm I have this bug too.


Say weapon is worth 150, item attached is worth 50.

If I remove the item whilst in the Trader window (I was on Peacekeeper), and remove the item worth 50, the weapon reduces in price, down to 100 and the item detached cannot be sold as is showing as not having any value.

If I were to re-equip this 50 item back onto the 100 Weapon, the Weapon stays at the 100 price.

Only upon exiting the Trader menu & reloading it does the price revert back to it's original 150.

Also if the 2 items are separated & leave/return to Trader Window, I can now see both the Weapon for 100 & the attachment for 50.

It would appear to be a 'refresh' issue whilst trading, maybe this was done on purpose to avoid system hang-ups or freezes while trading...maybe?

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