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My concept for a better quest system

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Hello everyone.

I like how most things developed since I play this game.
How ever there is one big thing which needs to be changed in my opinion.
It's the quest system in genral, not talking about inbalanced quests here.
Instead of a long text I like to provide you with a short concept and the issues it could solve.

The issues:
- No late game content.
- Getting stuck on quests you don't like.
- Not attracktive for players with little freetime.
- Booring quests are not optional.
- Maps are only played when players have a quest on them.

The Solution: Make quests dynamic!


Daily, weekly and/or monthly quests:
- Optional quests players can choose between.
- Different quests depending on your current loyalty lever per trader (Tier 1 to 4).
- When those quests get accepted they have to be done during a moderate time limit or you loose loyalty points.
- Those dynamic quests can be used to balance player activity on all maps.

Bonus rewards for optional quest conditions:
- Compelted within time limit.
- Completed by waering specific gear.
- Found quest items ingame.
- Completed on first try.

Quests requirements:
- Min. player level, min layalty level/points
- Pay money to accept the quest
- Risk loyalty points

Quest item locations:
- Quest items could spawn randomly across a set of locations around the map making them harder to find.

Thanks for taking your time to read about my idea, feedback is welcome!

Best regards regelschirm

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Time limit should only be used for contextual / event tasks. 

Randomized quests would be nice too (you can kill 20 scavs on woods at level 8, or 40. It doesn't matter)

The actual time limit should be the raid time limit, an amount of try, until you die (already in use) or something like elusive targets in HITMAN (you are warned before it starts, and when it will end).

The real problem is that the amount of loyalty levels are not enough, loyalty and reputation seems nothing (you can be super friend with Skier and Therapist, no matter if you're BEAR or USEC. There is no impact - locked items, locked quests, locked loyalty levels, special items, special quests, choice between two traders...) Loyalty should be fluctuating, but you must not be able to be max LL with every traders at a time -> Rock Paper Scissors mechanic

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If I'm not wrong current quests won't be the real quests for final game development. I've heard/listened that these quests we are actually doing willl be some optinoal side quests in the future. They are testing them now and providing players some challeneges to keep them playing. I'm personally enjoying them even if sometimes I feel the frustration of not finding that item I really need.

I really  think that the system explained by @stAKato would be  nice in the future. Specially linked to the karma and the faction of our PMC. Behaving in a specific way leads to be friend to some of the traders.... but goes against the others. They already implemented some quests in this direction and I think they will go further.

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