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Looking for someone to play with steadily


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I’m looking for someone to play with, I’m from the east coast , I’m not the best at the game but I can hold my own for the most part, need a tm8

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Also from the east coast. Been looking to for a partner to watch out for each other. 

My username is Yellowratbastrd (for all platforms)

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21 hours ago, Amedeiros1994 said:

I’m looking for someone to play with, I’m from the east coast , I’m not the best at the game but I can hold my own for the most part, need a tm8

i am on every day i am east coast just send me your discord and i will add you 

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We are from the United States/Canada regions  ( some random EU/UK players here and there too. ) 

Our biggest downtime at the moment are from 12am to about 10am; otherwise all throughout the day there is normally people online. 

I have recently rebuild a gaming community; please note that this IS NOT a clan - its a place for like-minded people to come and enjoy themselves.   You can apply to be apart of the group; or you can just hangout and play with whomever whenever

We provide a safe environment where there is ZERO TOLERANCE for Racism, Homophobia, and Discrimination. we are strongly against exploiting of glitches and hacking, and we greatly disapprove of trolling and/or toxicity. 

--- If you feel that matches up with your mind-set here is some information about the group


We have 4 different classes of players and channels.

Beginners - People that are fresh to the game; and are playing together to learn as much as they can through trail and error.  This group is also regularly assisted by our Teachers whenever they are available. 

Casual - People just looking to have fun and do whatever

Casual x3 -  Limited groups to 3 player teams instead of 5; to work on optimizing comms while still openly chatting and having fun. 

Tactical x3 - Limited groups to 3 players teams instead of 5. ( This is to keep comms less hectic and to keep the group compact in order to carry out missions, tasks, and attacks in a swift and proper manner. )  This is the more serious group that wants to come out on top as much as possible and requires a little more effort to become apart of it. 



We also have provided several other optional channels to assist everyone in getting stuff done; including a Information channel; which is intended to provide map callouts; loot maps; and other important bits of information to assist you in getting to the best loot as soon as possible.  ( You must request for a role to have access to this information. )

( Other channels are as listed;
Information, Looking For Group, Screenies, InfoChannel,  Item Request, and last but not least the Casual Questing channel. )

--For the streamers that join up; we have channels for their youtube content; for them to provide a link to their twitch stream, and a LIVE channel; to announce when they are going live.


Here is our link if you are interested,  please check the code of conduct text channel for information on our rules,  and if you can agree with that then request the Escapee Role on the #ROLEREQUEST text channel. 


I also do a little bit of streaming under the title of the Guide to Tarkov | I figure if you are new to the game you could kind of watch to see how we handle various situations. ViciousFaye's Twitch

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We are not a clan specifically just a group of players looking to get people online regularly for tarkov raids and general community play.

There's no limit to the games we play but obviously EFT is the main contender.

We are looking for guys and girls who can play in a group and want to share their experience with others, a mature mindset is required but laugh all you want when not in a raid! If you would like to drop by to check things out that would be great.


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