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JMac Customs LLC Sponsorship in Tarkov


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     Hello Devs, I've been in contact with Justin, the owner of JMac Customs LLC, and he liked the idea of his products in game. I asked and he said to post his products on his behalf. I can also get his contact info for the weapons department team should you decide to add any of his products. :) Their parts allow for significant muzzle climb or drift reduction in their brakes, sufficient flash suppression in their flash hiders, as well as some muzzle devices being suppressor adapters. Their stock adapters and gas blocks allow for many more options to modernize/customize your weapon to fit your needs as well.


Photos of some of JMac's products with descriptions will follow. (Many parts have variants / sizes that will fit other non-AK firearms as well)


Here is a link to their home page; https://www.jmac-customs.com


-An example of their parts with M13 industries' work and a few 3rd party bits.



-The RRD-4C muzzle brake in 14 or 24mm.



-The GBC-13 gas block front sight combo.



-The LAF (Loud as F**k) muzzle brake.



-The EGFH flash hider.



-And last but not least, the RSA / RSA4.5mm/5.5mm stock adapter to use Sig MPX/MCX style stocks (Attached via 1913 rail) on the AK platform, CZ EVO, MP5 and more.



-Their logo, in case we need some swag in game. ;)


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