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Armor turn speed changing mouse sensitivity is still an issue for me

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I know the argument of realism comes into play here, but I'd argue it's not even realistic (for aim changes less than 120 degrees). I did a "real life" test of this myself and used different weighted dumbbells and attempted to snap aim (or the irl equivalent at least) between two points in a room

Crude IRL aim test using differently weighted dumbbells:
1. I could still easily and accurately line myself up between the two points regardless of weight
2. Weight effected not my accuracy but the level of effort I put into the aiming

Try this yourself if you are curious. You may argue that you are still slower in the heavier weighted tests,  but I argue that slowness and aiming in real life are separate factors. Whereas in a video game - slowness in aiming (dpi/sensitivity wise) directly impacts accuracy negatively so it is not an equal comparison. Also it's a video game, there are many semi unrealistic factors already in the game so why keep one that negatively impact's a users experience so drastically.

Better options that I've seen or thought of is:
1. Increased weapon sway after large movements with heavier armor
2. stamina drain to mimic the tiredness after making a large movement with heavy equipment.

I've seen previous threads that have addressed this but considering this is still a thing I feel I should bring it up again. I'm struggling to recommend this game to other players and even struggle to continue to play myself once I learned about this. Players spend a lot of time finding a sensitivity that works for them (Mine is a 360 in 10 inches) and having this changed to 13 inches in only medium quality armor is such a jarring experience.

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