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Tarkov Lottery Giveaway (May 25 2019)

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   Welcome to the Tarkov lottery! Where every week I will try to list several fantastic (or not so fantastic) prizes that you can win! This week we are back to the boring old formula. Some pretty basic but still useful prizes. In fact, I might have my hands full this week, so I will again probably post the results a little late.

   Simplified non-English Instructions are included at the bottom of this post / Tarkov Lotterie: Die Regeln in Deutsch findest du am Ende des Posts / Lotería de Tarkov: Reglas simplificadas disponibles en Español al final del post. / Tarkovskie Losowanie: Zasady dostępne pod koniec posta. / Lotteria di Tarkov: alla fine del post potrete trovare una versione semplificata delle regole tradotta in Italiano /

   How does this work? Simple: pick a number between 1 and 100. At 11:00 PM Eastern time on Saturday, I will roll two D-10 dice to come up with a number. The person with the number closest to what I roll will win the prize.

   You are limited to one guess, which you can change BEFORE 11:00 PM Eastern time. Keep in mind time differences, as I will roll the dice at 8 PM Pacific, or 3 AM GMT (which is technically Sunday for all you Europeans). 

   You are limited to one prize per week: once you win, your number will not be considered for other rolls. Prizes must be claimed within a week of me rolling the dice.

   In the event that more than one person picks the same number, the person who guessed first will get the prize. Likewise, if there is a tie for closest number, the person who guessed first will win the prize. Winners will be contacted through a private message. Unclaimed prizes will be given to a contentious conspiracy of lackluster lemurs. To the winners, take note: due to my in-game message boards being glitchy, it is highly recommended that you respond through private message in the forums if I am not replying in-game. This is especially true this week, given the numbers of prizes.


   First Prize: LOTS AND LOTS OF DRUGS (and a box to put them in)


   Remember kids! Drugs are bad! Dont do drugs..... unless you have sustained multiple bullet wounds, in which case you may want to do lots of drugs! Oh, and of course patch yourself up, check in with a doctor, and avoid getting shot in the first place. First prize is a meds case filled to the brim with morphine, totaling 36 morphine injectors.

   Second Prize: Two Helmets
   Not going to elaborate much on this one. You get an altyn helmet, and a killa helmet. I should mention that the killa helmet is the only thing in the game that lets you survive a rifle round to the face. It does not prevent taking a rifle round to the knee.

   Third Prize: Fort Armor
   This armor is perfect for high risk missions where you just know you are going to get shot (probably more than once). With full body protection, this can save you from a chest shot from pretty much everything shy of an anti-tank rifle! Unfortunately, you cant win two prizes in one week, so a shot to the head will still probably lead to death. 

   Forth Prize: A Technically Functional VEPR
WAIT! Hold on a tic? Wasnt a similar gun also posted last week? I should point out that said prize from last week STILL HASN'T BEEN CLAIMED. Ah well, its not like this prize is too repetitive.

   Fifth Prize: Machinery Key
   Unlocks something in Customs. What does it unlock? Who knows! Customs has like, 2 keytools worth of keys. 

Even though this is posted in the English Speaking Forums, this is a game for everybody. If you would like to see a new language added, send me a private message. Currently I hoping to get translations in French and Russian. If you are interested in translating, send me a private message! Special thanks to Arzzet and others for making this easier for everyone to play. 

Dies ist ein Tippspiel in dem du Preise gewinnen kannst. Tippe einfach eine Nummer zwischen 1 und 100. Am Ende der Spielzeit werde ich mit zwei D10-Würfeln eine Nummer für jeden Preis bestimmen. Ist deine getippte Nummer am nächsten dran gewinnst du! Bei Gleichstand gewinnt der zuerst abgegebene Tipp. Eure Tipps können bis 23 Uhr Toronto Zeit, am Datum das im Titel steht (entspricht 5 Uhr morgens deutscher Zeit(MESZ) am folgenden Tag), abgegeben werden. Die Gewinner werden hier im Forum bekannt gegeben und erhalten eine PM mit Anweisungen wie man seinen Preis erhält. Die Preise müssen innerhalb einer Woche nach dem Würfeln beansprucht werden. Wenn du kein Englisch sprichst oder damit unsicher bist teile mir deine bevorzugte Sprache mit und ich kann die PMs mit den Anweisungen übersetzen lassen.

Se trata de simplemente de un juego de adivinar el número en el que podéis ganar premios. Elige un número del 1 al 100. Al final del concurso voy a lanzar dados de 10 caras para obtener el número para cada premio: si tu número es el que mas se acerca, ganas! En caso de empate, la persona que haya elegido su número primero gana. Las apuestas de números terminan a las 11PM hora de Toronto (5AM hora española) de la fecha que indica el titulo del post ( Por tanto serán las 5AM del día siguiente a la fecha del título) . Los ganadores serán anunciados mediante post en el hilo y recibirán un mensaje privado con las instrucciones sobre cómo reclamar sus premios. Los premios deben ser reclamados en una semana tras el lanzamiento de dados. Si no hablas ingles o no tienes mucha confianza con tu nivel de ingles, menciona tu lengua preferida y te mandaré un mensaje privado traducido.

Prosto to jest gra gdzię trzeba zgadnąć numer za który można dostać nagrody. Wybierz numer między 1 i 100. Na koniec gry rzucę 10-stronną kość żeby otrzymać numer dla każdą nagrodę: Jeśli twój numer jest najbliższy, wygrałeś! W pszypadku więzi, wygrywa ten kto wpisał numer wcześniej  Wpis numerów kończy się o 11PM godzina w Toronto ( 5AM Polska godzina ) tego samego dnia w tytule ( w zasadzie to będzie 5AM następnego dnia od tego co pisze w tytule ). Zwycięzcy zostaną ogłoszeni w tym samym poście y przez prywatną wiadomość dostaną informacje żeby otrzymać nagrody. Nagrody muszą odzyskać się najwyżej tydzień po losowaniu. Jeśli nie mówisz po angielsku lub nie poprawnie, odpisz nazwę ulubionego języka y odpiszę przetłumaczoną prywatną wiadomość

Come funziona? Semplicissimo: Si tratta di un gioco in cui si deve indovinare un numero che ti permetterà di vincere un premio. Scegli un numero da 1 a 100. Alla scadenza del termine lancerò due dadi a dieci facce (D-10 dice) per formare un numero per ciascun premio. Chi avrà scelto il numero più vicino a quello estratto vincerà il premio! Nel caso in cui più di una persona abbia scelto lo stesso numero, il premio verrà conferito a chi avrà scelto il numero per primo. L'orario limite per effettuare le puntate è fissato per le 11:00 PM EDT ora di Toronto (le 5:00 AM in Italia) della data del titolo del thread (praticamete per noi Italiani saranno le 5:00 AM del giorno successivo a quello che troverete scritto nel titolo del thread). I vincitori verranno annunciati con un post nel thread e riceveranno un messaggio privato con specifiche informazioni su come ritirare i premi. Tutti i premi dovranno essere riscossi entro una settimana dal lancio dei dadi. Se non parli l'inglese o non sei sicuro di come lo parli, fammi sapere la tua lingua invierò i messaggi privati con le istruzioni già tradotti.

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Same number rule here. I go with 33!!

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