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New Gameplay/Quest Features Suggestions Thread - Add your suggestions guys !

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Hello everyone !

(I'm French so i'll try my best to speak in english)

I have some ideas that could enrich Escape from tarkov and that could possibly fit into the lore.


QUEST* : PNJs that could give you random scenarized additional Quest  like in the division :

You hear  someone screaming, it is actually a PNJ tortured/traped by SCAVS or  some weird hostile AIs : you can let him die and pass your way, or you can save him and escort him to somewhere safer and maybe HEAL him, give him water/food.

Then later you 'll receive a reward like at the end of a quest (like prapor's) or in the hideout a "mystery gift box" with some things valuable or not.

QUEST ** : Collect body part for a "weirdos faction" : "you know the new AI that would come with knifes and melee weapon." :

One member of the SECT give you a quest : you have to kill 20 persons and then collect 20 body parts : 20 finger, 20 scalp, etc....

AND YOU HAVE AN ANIMATION OF YOUR PMC cutting the body parts like in read dead redemption when you gather Hides or meat on animals.

QUEST*** : you can find Temporar traders in Raid

the trader 'll tell you to find something during this raid and to bring him, in exchange he will tell you where he Hid the valuable/precious Roller / USB key / God Tier Weapon

-> This could lead to an animation with a shovel to Dig out the goods. "treasures Maps" 

QUEST****: You have to bring Vehicules Parts / Fuel to a PNJ in a Gaz Station : This will Open an dynamic extract :

The Pnj will take 10min to restore the vehicule, you will protect him from scav attacks, then you will enter the vehicule with him as driver, and he will drive to the extract, during this you have to survive (30sec-60sec of driving at high velocity) 
-> This will give you extra XP and Extra Stuff as Rewards and Reputation because this dude was a friend of Fence, then Fence will give you Quests and better Prices. Plus some extra High Techs items.



-->Dynamic Quest in Raid Given by PNJ

-->Cutting Little Body Parts to collect them for Proof of kill like dogtags

-->Additionnal Visual Dommage effect on DEAD body : example When u walk on a land mine / Grenade and u die : legs torn off. More Blood / more Blood  on cloths in case of high blood loss

-->Dommage on weapons when you fire a big caliber : example : 7.62x31 bullet hit an Ak : Ak dommaged

-->Unconsciousness : you have to drag/carry your friend's body in safe place

-->This feature could lead to something more : you can capture uncouscious scavs for a quest ? Or you can capture a unconscious PMC from an other factions during a RAID and reanimate him, then execute him, maybe "film it" with special in game item for a special Quest.
   (could lead to bad Karma with some traders, and Extra karma with others)
    (Inspired by a Feature i loved in Reign Of King : capture guys with ropes)

-->In raid Scripted light Vehicules Controlled By PNJ for quest/extraction purposes.

-->Big Events Like Airdrops, Raider attack, scav vs Raider vs Sect Members vs PMC WAR

-->Safe Zone With Ultra High End GEARED UN-PNJs : You can trade in those "safe Zones", or you can try to attacks Them for Quest purpose or For High End Loots

-->Could take place near the docks in SHoreline, (the yet unaccessible zone) the UN-PNJs would have .50BMG Stationnary Weapons
     (you could have to kill them From very Far away with a sniper rifle and then prepare to Raid their base. (stuff would be artificially limited in a balancing purpose)

-->I'll add more ideas if it comes to my mind

(i'd be happy if BSG's members or The Big BOSS Nikita Himself, could read this and tell me if there are interesting things (maybe for DLC) in those suggestions. I think one or two things i mentioned are planned or at least in discussion)

Thank you all for your reading.

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